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"Ever read Dark Day?"

Fernando Pessoa | The Book Of Disquiet (wip)
Kurt Vonnegut | Slaughterhouse-Five (wip)
Maryanne Wolf | Proust and the Squid (wip)
Salman Rushdie | Haroun and the Sea of Stories (wip)
Carl Sagan | Cosmos (wip)

Neil Gaiman | Neverwhere
William Goulding | Lord of the Flies
Ernest Hemingway | The Old Man and the Sea
Chuck Palahniuk | Haunted
Italo Calvino | If on a Winter's Night a Traveller

Harper Lee | To Kill a Mockingbird
Neil Gaiman | Stardust
Bill Bryson | A Short History of Nearly Everything
Suzanne Collins | The Hunger Games
George Martin | A Game of Thrones

Fabio Geda | In the Sea, There are Crocodiles
Mario Puzo | The Sicilian (wip)
Fernando Pessoa | Ricardo Reis: Poesia
Genesis | Genesis: Chapter & Verse
Carlos Ruiz Zafon | Shadow of the Wind

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